Pasta Carbonara

AJ and Adeline Love the Cheesecake Factory Pasta Carbonara so…I came up with this recipe to satisy their cravings at home.  Although not a perfect knock off, I got rave reviews, so YaY!

 1 lb. bacon

1 lb. linguine pasta

1 whole small onion, finely diced

6 cloves garlic, minced or grated

2 cups chicken stock

4 eggs

2 c. freshly grated parmesan cheese plus more for sprinkling

1 hand ful of fresh parley, chopped

1/2 stick of butter

frozen peas ( I just eye ball this amount)

black pepper to taste

1-cut up bacon into a skillet and cook until browned ( i use my kitchen scissors).  Remove to a plate the browned bacon with a slotted spoon.

2-add onion to the bacon grease still in pan and cook down over med-high heat for a couple minutes.

3-add garlic and cook for just a minute and then remove the onions and garlic to a plate with the same slotted spoon.

4-disregard all that bacon grease

5-add 1 cup of the chicken stock to the pan on high heat and scrape off all the bacon bits stuck to bottom of pan.  Whisk for a few minutes then add the 2nd cup of chicken stock.

6-add in the bacon, onions and garlic and simmer over medium heat.

7-cook the pasta

8-beat 4 eggs in a large bowl and add in the parm cheese and parsley.  mix well.

9-drain pasta and put pasta back into pot

10-add a few cooked noodles into the egg mixture and stir fast to temper the eggs

11- now pour the egg mixture into the other noodles and stir vigorously to avoid a scramble situation.

12-add in frozen peas and pepper to taste.

13- Serve!

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