Apple Crisps

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite people…Deb.  During our visit we sat down at her amazing kitchen island and starting catching up.  She happened to have a bag of apple crisps there and between myself and kiddies we managed to eat every last one.  So I just had to have the recipe to start making some of these yummy snacks myself.

Deb says they are a daily staple in her house and since we have returned home from our travels they are becoming a daily staple at mine as well.

Super easy, good for you and can crave the need for a crunchy snack any time.

Apple Crisps

Rinse apples, remove stickers and stem.

Slice thinly (Deb uses a Mandolin)  I used my food processor

Lay out on cookie sheets

sprinkle with cinnamon

Bake @ 225 Degrees for 4 hours

Remove and enjoy.

Happy Snacking!!!

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